again thanks for your hospitality. I also want to thank both u and Mark for making the Loebenberg trip well planned and enjoyable. I know they had a good time, so much so that Wally keeps telling me how much better this trip was than any one that I had ever taken him on!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice guy my friend
Hi! It's Lindsey. I just wanted to drop a little note to let you know how much fun I had with you in Israel. Honestly, after travelling in Israel three times, I was a little apprehensive about having a tour guide especially because I figured that I would see the same things over and over again. I was very surprised that I could learn so much and have so much fun. The three days we spent with you were like no other tour I have been on. I learned so much from the information and explanations that you gave to us, and I was really interested in what you had to say. It was definitely one of the most educational experiences I have had.
Thank you so much,
Lindsey Gross.
Dear David,
It was a wonderful trip and a great experience for the children. You made quite an impression on them and they miss you very much. Israel also left them with a great impression thanks in part to you.
All in all the trip was a great success and we wanrted to thank you for the help, guidance and friendship. You are a real professional.

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We just got back and I wanted to share with you our thanks for making such a wonderful trip to Israel for all of us. Sorry that we didn't get to spend more time with you but everthing else worked out great. Avi was terrific, an excellent choice for our families, the kids loved him and his personality and approach fit so well with all of us. The pace, site selections and all the little details were well planned and handled by you and Avi. . . . Overall it was all that I hoped for, an experience that our children and the adults will remember for years to come and a stimulus for us all to visit again in the future.
Thanks again for the great service.
More to come soon.
Hi! Are you still vertical after your grueling peri-chanukah tour guide marathon?
We are still raving about you to anyone who will listen. The trip was such a marvelous combination of experiences, from those we had anticipated eagerly from the first time we saw the proposed itinerary, to those that were unexpected -- like the by-trip to "Moses tomb", or the backroad through the Judean desert, or the Kibbutz full of animals! Your mix of knowing what you wanted to do, and how to get it done, and flexibility is truly special, not to mention the fact that you are more energetic, hepatitis not withstanding, than we are -- and that is truly unusual. The kids loved you and I think by association, have become excited about archaeology and ancient history, and can appreciate the Torah as alive in the Israeli soil and air! That gift from you to them is one I especially value. Alex could tell me the place each of her rocks came from, and why it was special as we made up a display for her teacher today!
I hope you are well. Take care, and again, thanks so very much.

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Dear David,
What a trip! The reviews are all in, and words like "Awesome", "Unbelievable" , "Special", "Amazing", "Phenominal", are just a few of the words that have been used to describe this trip. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we all made into a realiity. You were the perfect addition to our family, and you found a way to appeal to every age group and religious outlook. You know your stuff, and you helped make it my best trip to Israel (out of 8). Thanks for going the extra mile (except that one hike where there were a few extra miles). Thank you also for helping us all to reaffirm our tradition of strong Zionism and to pass it on to all of our family members (especially the children).
You too, keep up the good work!!!
Dear David,
Thanks for your note. We got home and spent the first week getting re-adjusted to 'normal' life. We had to get Becca ready for Camp Galil and Gabe into the routine of his day camp.
We are slowly assimilating all the diverse experiences of our visit. Looking at our pictures helps remind us of the sensory feast we had. It is such a different environment than the East coast of the States.
Our travels to the south were wonderful. The day with David was full and varied, ending at the edge of the crater at sunset!! He was all we hoped a guide would be. With humor, knowledge,genuine affection for kids and a kind manner it was hard to part after just one day because we were so hungry for just this. . . .
The tour of the crater the next day was amazing. Ilan Hadar was a knowledgable and personable guide whose enthusiasm for the geology was infectious. It is an inspiring place where Time is encapsulated. We will never forget this place where time is traced back 200 million years.
. . . We hope to return to Israel within a few years and will be in touch well in advance so a more appropriate guide can be arranged-we're hoping that would be you if you're still doing that end of the 'touring biz'!! Thank you again for driving down to see us. We know it was a shlep for you but we were so glad to finally meet you . You put a lot of time and effort into setting this up for us and you did a great job. We wish you good health and all good things.
Dan, Deb, Becca and Gabe

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Dear Gary,
We had a wonderful time in Israel. The itinerary that you planned was truly extraordinary. We would be extremely happy to refer any and all to you and would be happy to act as a reference. . .
Richard P

Dear Mike,
We are the perfect people to ask about an extended family, and Bar-Mitzvah Trip to Israel. We been there and done that.
David Bellein was great. We discovered him (luckily) about 6 months before our trip. We e-mailed him back and forth about ideas and info about our family. He was always efficient and friendly and knowledgable. He payed attention to every special need that our family presented.
If you are in charge of this trip, Good Luck! Trying to satisfy 25 people with varying ages,religious necessitites, and likes or dislikes, is near impossible. Family meetings, e-mail allover the country, phone calls, faxes, wow.
But, if you hire David Bellin, he can put it all into perspective, and his experience is so vast that he can forsee any possible pitfalls in your plan. He is flexible and easy to work with, and you will also find that he's a hell of a guy in general. He didn't warn me that you would be e-mailing me, and I have no obligation to say anything nice about anyone.
Our trip to Israel, was a once in a lifetime opportunity that will never be forgotten by anyone in our family.
The first thing you should do is start to get ideas of cool places to go from friends, relatives, books, and the internet. Then try to gear your trip to satisfy as many people as possible. Go for the best of everything if it's feasible because this kind of trip doesn't happen too often. Most importantly, try to choose places and events that start to instill a Zionistic Feeling in the young people on the trip. Make sure to do fun things, and go to interesting restaurants.
If you choose to use David Bellin, you will be very satisfied, and he'll help you make a trip that will be a special part of your family history for a long time.
Have a great time,
David Taubenfeld

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We are basking in the afterglow and INNERglow of our trip. We hope to continue the wonderful process of growth begun in Israel.
Thanks again for your key role in this wonderful time in our lives and our family.
Take care!
Mary Rita, et al."

Dear David,
Just wanted to let you know that we all arrived home safely today and to thank you again for making this trip so special. As our trip neared its end we realized the extent of the value of having you involved in our plans. I don't know what we would have done without you. I really didn't know what to expect as I began setting this up with you, but the real thing exceeded my expectations tenfold.
Also, I want to especially thank you for your suggestion to get someone to help us through check-in at the airport. When you initially suggested it, it didn't seem too important to me at the time. As things turned out, it was essential.
I loved the fact that you paid such great attention to detail. You are so thorough and everything is covered so carefully. It is a rare pleasure to work with someone who is so ttentive! Those who work for you must count it a great pleasure!
You made this a memorable trip for our family. I think other family members were a little hesitant initially, maybe concerned about cost. But by the end of the trip everyone, without exception, was so pleased with every part of what you planned.
If anyone ever asks a reference from someone you have planned a trip for, please don't hesitate to give them my name It would be an honor to steer someone your direction.
Deepest thanks,

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Dear David,
Our recovery from jet lag has been gradual, but steady. We found ourselves hitting brick walls of consciousness on Friday and Shabbat, and waking at odd hours of the morning. Seems we’re close to normal at this point.

Thank you profoundly for all you gave us the last couple of weeks; the
images and messages are still resounding and will continue to do so for a long time to come. I too very much hope we will stay in touch going forward.

If your ears have been red the last couple of days the explanation may our singing of your praises to anyone and everyone who asked about our trip.

B’virchot shalom, Harold.

PS: Your services at Ben Gurion, whisking us through the various checkpoints (particularly on the way out) were executing beautifully and were greatly appreciated. The young gentleman (I forgot his name; sorry) who navigated us through was polite, courteous, efficient and highly effective.

Dear David,

There has not been a single day since returning that Murray and I haven't talked about our wonderful trip to Israel. We wish we were still in Israel!
Again, David, thanks so very much to both you and Hillel for making our first trip to Israel so memorable and for inviting us into your home to meet your wonderful family.

I must admit that Murray and I both feel that we have somehow changed since coming back to Ottawa, especially with respect to feeling more that Israel is "our home". I know that you will appreciate what I am trying to say.

We have decided that we want to learn to speak a little Hebrew so I am currently trying to find out where in Ottawa lessons are offered. We want to be able to speak at least a little Hebrew when we visit Israel again, which we sincerely hope will be in a couple of years.

We have been following the news very closely and are very saddened by recent


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David –

We made it home in one piece and the first week back was a busy fog. Just wanted to express a heartfelt thanks for the effort that you put forth to make the solidarity mission the success that it was.

I look forward to return trips to Eretz Yisrael and hope to renew our acquaintance in the future.

In the meantime, I have forwarded your credentials and contact
information to others who want to make the trip.

Good success, Steve.

David –

Hi from your friends in Houston--Mimi and Larry --Just received your brochures and made me think of the great trip we had in Israel thanks to your great organizational skills and planning. How are you doing in these difficult times--I imagine that it is not easy and very frustrating.

Your brochures are very well done and representative of the great service you offer--don't hesitate to use us for any recommendation you may need. Warmest


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Hi -
Just a note of thanks for making our trip one of the best experiences of our lives.

Our love for Israel has been deepened. We learned more about and were able to personalize the history of the country with the knowledge your informational tours and commentary provided.

You treated us royally, from the time we met until the day we left. Your team in Tel Aviv made our departure a pleasure, from our greeting as we deplaned from Eilat, to transporting us to the International Terminal, and then to the escort through check in and customs. All of this was way beyond expectation.

Please be in touch with us it there is anything we can do to help.

Glenn and Ronna.

David –

Thank you, all are back to the routine of work and a new school year.I think it safe to say that the trip FAR exceeded our expectations. Of course, any 2-week hotel vacation is nice, but we were very pleased with our hotels, meals, guides etc -- and of course, with all that we saw & did.

please feel free to use us as a reference, via phone or email.

Love, Barry.

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We will be happy on request to send you names and email addresses of former clients as references.

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