Your Agenda is our Agenda

You have three weeks to spend on your first trip to Israel. Or, maybe just ten days on a return visit. But your goal in each case is the same: to really experience the place. Our goal is to make sure that your experience is all you hope it to be.

To best experience Israel, you need a program that takes into account your interests and scheduling needs as well as conditions in the field such as weather, driving distances, road conditions, and lots more.

We provide you with this individualized service, whether it be for a three-week Bar Mitzvah tour, a morning's archaeological dig, or anything in between.

You are special, so our tours and programs are specially tailored to fit you and your needs. And as you are an individual, and not standard, so our tours are individualized and anything but standard.

Your agenda is our agenda.

Our Programs and Services Include...

Lodging throughout the country (hotels, inns and guest houses).

Guides who speak English as their mother tongue.

A back up crew of experienced logistics experts and education professionals.

Specialized programming, for example, home hospitality, archaeological digs, meetings with soldiers and VIP's.

Judaic programs: informal study, short term text workshops, customized curricula.

Judaic programs: informal study, short term text workshops, customized curricula.

Special catering to families with yeshiva or Hebrew day-school backgrounds, emphasizing biblical and talmudic sights and sources.

Off the beaten track tourism: hiking, jeeping, horse back riding, water activities and more..

Recreational activities: boating, water parks, canoeing, scuba diving and more.

Atmospheric programming: family celebrations, meals catered in unique venues, entertainment in unusual settings.

Itineraries designed with you in mind so that we can get to know you, please fill in our Travel Questionnaire .

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