More Than Just a Tour in a New Country !

Are you interested in filling your Israel tour with Jewish content? Or, is this trip going to be just another vacation to a foreign destination?

If there is a desire to grow Jewishly and enhance the Jewish identity of your group, then we will help you look at Israel through Jewish eyes. You will take home key Jewish concepts and values to enrich your lives.

These are some of the topics we offer:

Aliya and absorbtion
Biblical geography
Democracy and Theocracy
Israel and the Diaspora
Jewish art and symbols
Land of Israe
Oral and Written Law
Social responsibility
Torah Study

Our staff will coordinate the tour, the educational elements, airline and lodging reservation along with you.

Let us Know What you Want

The program will be designed to fit your style and budget.

We will conduct the tour employing entertaining and creative methods.

The group will encounter interesting people who have made a mark on Israel. You will deal with fascinating and perhaps even controversial topics, will study Jewish texts and will grapple and grow with Jewish concepts - all while having fun.

Just complete the questionnaire.

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